Beyond Blue Keynote Speaker For Court Services Victoria

8 Feb 2019 - Category : Article

In 2018 I was approached to speak to Courts Services Victoria during Men’s Health Week.

Specifically, I was asked to outline my experience with mental health issues. The aim of the presentation was to help employees better understand conditions like depression and anxiety, and, crucially, what the warning signs are. CSV had intentionally targeted a male audience as a result of research that shows men are less likely to seek help when confronted with a mental health issue than women.

At the conclusion of the presentation, I fielded a number of questions from the audience, hoping to better understand what they, or a family member, friend or colleague, may be confronted with when dealing with a mental health issue, as well as the best course of action in treating the condition.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and a powerful reminder talking about conditions like anxiety and depression is a key platform to addressing the growing number of mental health issues in society.

Just let them in. One family. A family. So unnecessary. So heartless.

Twenty-six Victorians under the age of 40 are currently in hospital with coronavirus.

Five are in intensive care. No idea when – or if – they'll make it home.

To anyone who still thinks this only affects older people:

It doesn't.

I lost my necklace containing my Dads ashes in Southsea, rose garden, pier area on Monday. Devastated doesn't come close! Desperate to find it. Please, please retweet, i don't have many followers?


532...... Don’t ever forget this newspaper and its role in the pandemic, Victoria.

If you are still unsure why masks are so important have a rest of this article, with supports from actual scientist and don’t listen to people with political agendas like Andrew bolt (using info from April to support his article) or Alan Jones.

Promising news:

Please read this and pass it on. What has happened to this woman is an outrage.

If you are sheltering our beautiful dog, who was chased in Tokai Forest today, please, please make contact. Please...

Arizona, which has similar population size to Victoria, had 187 new cases on April 2.

Last Tuesday Arizona had 4797 new cases.

🤞🏼for Victoria

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